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Composting is the natural process to recycle your food into fertilizer. Food scrapes are the least recycled item in the world and is approximately 60 % of what is in our landfills. These are things that can easily be recycled by composting including food scrapes, paper, and yard clippings. Composting also helps families save money but reducing their waste. 


Hot Composting Process:

Compostio composters use a hot composting process. We have accelerated the heat, air flow, and mixing inside the unit and with the constant heat, mixing, and constant air flow speeds up the composting process helping you produce compost in 2 as little as weeks. Normal composting outside can take up to 6 months to produce compost.


Two Chamber System:

The Compostio composters are a two chamber system which can breakdown your food scraps, turning it into compost within 2 weeks. The upper chamber contains the mixing arm, air pump, air filter, and heating mechanism. You can add food scraps to the upper mixing chamber while the unit automatically mixes every few hours, there is constant air flow helping to decrease odors, and the heating element along with the natural energy of the compost creates an internal temperature between 120-140 degree’s killing off any pathogens and bacteria.

 The lower chamber is used when you upper chamber is full and looks like compost, usually within two weeks. You simply transfer your compost from the upper chamber to the lower chamber and continue to let it cure for another week. Compost likes the constant heat and air flow and this helps to continue the composting process.

 Housing Material:

Our units are made from APPRO which is a durable, recyclable, lightweight, and energy efficient material

APPRO has a number of benefits:

-The material is lightweight and able to withstand impact without damaging the structure or losing its shape

-It is not affected by composting elements such as heat, cold, food scrapes, grease, oil, and water and it does not support microbial growth.

-The thermal insulation keeps heat inside the unit to help keep the composting process going at all times as well as helping to speed up the process.

-It is 100 % recyclable. 

Stainless Steel Components:

All of the components are food grade steel and do not support microbial growth.


Air Pump and Air Filter Technology

Our air pump and air filter help eliminate odors by allowing the external pull of air through the air pump and air filter and this along with the charcoal helps eliminate odors when the air exits. This constant air flow helps speed up the breakdown of the food scraps creating compost faster.


Transfering Flapper System:

Composting is a messy operation and with our flapper system you don’t have to open the unit and manual mix your food scraps, nor move your compost to the bottome chamber. The Compostio does this all for you. Your food scraps will automatically mix every couple of hours and when your food scraps look like compost you simply press the transfer button and the unit will automatically mix one last mixing cycle and then open the flappers transfer your food scrapes to the cure tray below.  In the cure tray your compost will continue to break down and keep nice and warm.


Using your compost: 

The Compostio composting system speeds up the compost process very quickly allowing you to produce fresh compost every 2 weeks. This compost can be used right away but it is very rich in nitrogen and should be used in a small amount to begin with. We recommend not using the fresh compost indoors for 2-3 months and we also recommend using a small amount on the top soil to begin with. This will help the new compost to continue to receive fresh air and continue breaking down.