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Compostio 10 Pound Box of Sawdust Pellets - Compostio

Compostio 10 Pound Box of Sawdust Pellets


An even ratio of dry and wet materials is essential to successful composting. When you food scraps start to break down they release water and therefore create wetness. Our 10 pound box of  sawdust pellets is an easy way for you to help absorb excess liquid which will balance and maintain the natural chemistry of your decomposing materials and improve the quality of your compost and help dry up an access liquids.

Designed for Compostio composters and other compost bins, these sawdust pellets should be added as you add food waste: one cup of sawdust pellets for every 4-5 cups of food waste. The pellets are dry and dust-free, unlike sawdust you might get a local lumber yard. They are made from dry, untreated, unpainted wood and help reduce odors that arise from wet materials like fruit, vegetables, and meat. This is approx a 6-month supply includes 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) total weight of sawdust pellets.

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