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Black Ceramic Compost Keeper - Compostio

Black Ceramic Compost Keeper

This counter top ceramic compost keeper is a decorative way to keep your compostable items together and then can be discarded into your composter or outdoor compost bin. It comes with an odor free charcoal air filter that creates no trash odors. It is ceramic and can be hand washed in hot water using dish soap and has a convent stainless steel handle. 
Product Information: 
  • Activated charcoal filters in the lid absorb odors
  • Designed with a glazed inside and out for easy cleaning
  • Has a convent stainless steel handle
  • Includes air filters, that lasts up to six months
  • Measurements: 10 inches tall, 7 inch diameter, holds 1 gallon of scraps
  • Color Black
  • Ship from OHIO
  • Ships within 3-5 business days

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