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Medium Olla


Create sustainable and low-maintenance irrigation for your potted plants with the Dripping Springs Olla Irrigation System. The Olla Irrigation System is based on an ancient technique of using a porous, unglazed clay reservoir to provide a consistent source of water to your plants. Bury the irrigation pot while leaving the neck exposed and the pot only needs refilled a couple times a week (depending on soil and weather conditions). This means you don't have to worry about daily watering and your plants get just the right amount of moisture. Choose from available sizes to match your garden's needs.


-Unglazed clay construction
  • -Fired at low temp. so clay remains porous
  • -Bury in ground/pot with neck exposed to irrigate plants
  • -Infrequent refilling depending on weather and soil conditions
  • -Ancient technique for sustainable irrigation
  • -Dimensions: 5.5L x 5.8W x 9.5H in.
  • -Weight: approx 8 pounds

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